Greetings friend!  I’m Lotus, nerd, geek, otaku, lover of all things artistic and more.  I work from my home outside of Mobile, Alabama where the weather is rainy and hot three-quarters of the year and snow is a myth.  My love of photography can only be trumped by my love for traveling.  I'm a Baandari at heart, what can I say.  I've spent most of my life traveling the majority of North America and seeking to go to more places for all the reasons.  

I am an available light technique photographer with an extensive background in photojournalism and fashion.  One may however say my style is a cross between film's deep contrast and the bright vivid of the digital age.   My love to capture every moment in the elegance and magic of how it happens.  When it happens.  As it happens.  Because life can be just as magical as the fairy tales we grew up on.  And maybe a few of us still escape to on the weekends. 

In my free time, I love to spend time with my amazing kid and loving polycule, cook, read and play video games when I don't find myself binging a new show on Netflix.  And travel. Have I mentioned I love to travel?

I am previously a sales rep and photography teacher at Calagaz in Mobile. Where I was trained in Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and Canon cameras and more gear accessories than you can shake a tripod at. After which I was a automotive photographer for Palmer’s Hyundai that rekindled my love for automotives in ways only a gear head will truly understand. Where nowadays when I'm not running with a camera in hand for myself, you can find me at the local auto auction house doing a multitude of jobs. But I do love my car crews and all in between.

So now you know a little about me.  So let's get to know each other and see if we can’t make some magic together!

How about some random facts?

  • Born in New Orleans. Raised in South Mobile. But calls New York City the home of my heart.
  • I am a Pansexual woman, with a Genderfluid kid and in a unique partnership with my love and my friends.
  • I don't like to adult. I'd be a Toys R Us kid, but they closed.
  • I'm a former plus-sized model, who can still own the runway.
  • I am a cosplayer of over two decades.
  • I collect vintage cameras. Ask me about my collection. No, seriously, I have 30+ film and slide cameras.
  • My first camera was a 35mm Riho that had been my grandmothers from the 1950s.
  • Cards Against Humanity and Munchkin are two of my favorite card games.
  • I've been published as a writer, poet and even had my artwork hosted in various galleries before I found my soul in photography.
  • I’ve been a big time video game player since the early 90s. Let’s talk LAN parties and best MMOs.
  • Books. I'm a sucker for a good book. I mean… My Goodreads barely touches my actual home library and have read list.
  • My absolute favorite food is Chocolate Strawberry ice cream.
  • I love tea! And coffee! But I'll take tea over coffee any day.
  • Since Covid quarantine, I’ve been a mask maker and advocate.

Lotus & Len enjoying Joe Cain. Image by Dan Domenzain.

DAA Lane Pirates 2023

Lotus & Crew at PrideWalk 2023. Image by Dan Domenzain.



Elane & Family

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"All I can say were my exact words to her,, "You've given us some priceless memories and it was such a breeze. I can't thank you enough!" Worth every penny and more!"

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