We at Darkshi Creations look forward to photographing your wedding!  As your big day approached we look to you to not only help build your day of timeline, but also to find details about everything you hope to have happen.  From connecting with the other vendors, to getting to know your wedding party to family and everyone in between.  Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions to help us make your day a breeze and capture it exactly as you like.  

60 minutes - Bride/Groom Prep
15 minutes - Wedding Party Photos (if you have a larger party, this will canlonger) 
30 minutes - Wedding Couples Portraits
30 minutes - Family Photos (if you have large extended families, this can take longer) 
15 minutes - Ceremony Decor Photos
10 minutes - Reception Decor Photos 

Shipping address for couple: *
Shipping address for couple:
Wedding details:
Wedding Date: *
Wedding Date:
Names and numbers for anyone who is 'in charge' when the couple is unavailable.
Name & Side
Name, role and age
Please include times and if couple is getting ready in separate locations, please list both.
First looks take approx 15 minutes.
Only if reception is held at a different location.
Best utilized for family and other formal portraits.
Before the ceremony? After? At the ceremony or receptions locations? Formal wedding party images take approx 15 minutes, longer for larger parties.
Approx 30 minutes. Suggested to be shot before ceremony after First Look or during cocktail hour.
The Details
What kind of dress will you be wearing? Will you have a veil? Long or short? Tuxedo or suit or other? Any jewelry or accessories we should take note of?
Lockets on the bouquet, a special table or chair arrangement set up for someone passed?
Some churches and venues do not allow flash, or certain setups. Please, let us know if there are any we should be aware of before the big day. If none, please list none.
Is your reception a religious one? *
Check any that apply
Foot washing, lantern lighting, releasing doves, money dance, ect
The Photos Breakdown
What family group portraits would you like? *
Check all that apply.
Groom with Groom's brother Jaden, Bride with siblings Sue and John *PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 2 ADDITIONAL MINUTES FOR EACH SHOT*
Sensitivity is very important to us.
We know some family members work in law and military and cannot have their images posted anywhere online.
The Vendors
This info is used when creating the blog about your wedding and for potential features on wedding blogs and magazines.
Special Notes