Since the end of 2012, models and cosplayers alike have been trying to convince Lotus to set up a line up of Representatives to her business.  After a year she finally announced she was going to do it.  A couple of months later, you have the groups name and everything it means to be an Angel.  If you are a cosplayer or model, interested in representing the business of Darkshi Creations, the many vendors and designers they work with, and potentially attend events throughout the year.  Apply today, and who knows.  Our Darkshi just might give you her next assignment.  

Hello Darkshi... 

Legal Name *
Legal Name
Modeling Name
Modeling Name
Phone number *
Phone number
Model Mayhem, Facebook [albums must be public], personal site, Tumblr.... Must have images of you in cosplay or modeling.
Which genre do you work in? *
Check all that apply. Must be backed by portfolio.
You are open to work with others, but as an Angel it is expected to rep the business of Darkshi Creations.
Feel free to use image links to help explain your idea. All concept ideas will remain yours, even if not selected an Angel. We cannot guarantee someone else does not present a similar idea.
There is more to a person than just pretty pictures! Tell us about you!