(and why people should stop trying to make them bad guys)

So once again the charging for cosplay photoshoots debate has come up. I am not at all surprised. It’s actually pretty old, and sprung up not long after charging for shoots - and cosplay photoshoots in general became common.

Now, if you pay for photoshoots you already know why you do so, you’re probably pretty happy with the fact if you’ve done so more than once, and if you’ve worked with me you’ve almost absolutely paid for shoots, because dude,  I charge and have been charging since like 2007, so this isn’t directed to you. It’s all old hat by this point.

But for the people who don’t know why you pay, or can’t understand why some photographers charge when there are other photogs who shoot for free, or who believe that since they’ve spent time and money on a costume a photographer should be free because the photo could not exist without a model, well, this is for them. I suppose it’s a waste of breath for those firmly on the CHARGING IS EVIL AND A RIPOFF side, but maybe this will help those on the fence understand.

 And this got long, so I’ll be kind and put it under a cut!

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One VERY good post about why even paid Cosplay photography should be valued.