Got to love the play on words we’re using for this session.  After 6 months of planning, networking, costume and dress creations, custom accessories and so much more.  We are finally coming into the last few days before we shoot one of our largest portfolio/session building projects ever.  In a way it seems wrongfully superstitious and appropriate we’ve been revolving around the number 6.  Six models, six unique themes for each lady.  One location, a crew of five, three designers, all in one day.  

I’m looking forward to not only showcase images after this amazing shoot.  But even a behind the scenes video to capture this amazing day.  So as soon as it’s ready we will be sharing it here as well.  

To everyone involved.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I as a the production manager, brainiac for this shoot, and lead photographer would NEVER have gotten as far as we have in these last few months.  We will be tagging everyone appropriately soon.  :)