This last weekend was a new experience in many ways.  I'm sure you are looking back at the title and wondering why.  Since it's common knowledge that Mobicon was a big boost in my business as well as how long I was a staff member.  But let me break down some things so that the coming blog(s) make sense.  

I left Mobicon two years ago on a very sour note.  I name a lot of the behind the scenes drama for all of it.  I name those dramatic days the reason I split with some amazing friends and even had hope in a couple other cons changing their bad habited ways and one to come in and make a new scene.  I was disappointed in all parts that year.  But, since then, I've learned this was all good.  For me at least.  

So last year we skipped Mobicon for a lot of reasons.  The former drama being a key piece.  But also because there had been a very recent change in power and direction just before the convention date and I didn't want to ruin my former day feelings with one of judging a rebirth before that rebirth had really happened.  So skip to this year and you find where I am now.  Sitting here with a press badge hanging around my neck.  A pen and notebook in hand.  Watching my husband and daughter run around the con in their cosplays and I, for the second time ever, am playing handler.  A first at being handler to two people.  But it's been a great bit of fun so far.  And I thank the new staff, most being familiar faces, of Mobicon in granting me access in a new way.  And with that thought.  I'll start my posts about my new adventure at the reborn Mobicon, Mobile's Comic Con.  

Note:  Images will be added shortly.  This photographer forgot she had the wrong saves.  So imagine pretty pictures here.