Hey there all.  I know, it's been a hot minute since I wrote anything.  But with 2017 comes a bit of a new thing.  Back in October I started working part time at a local camera store.  And I love it.  And one of the best things of my job is trying out some of the newest gear that comes out.  With this bit, I'll be doing the occasional review of gear as it comes it or just catches my eye.  

My first review is on the new KeyMission 360 camera from Nikon.  Now, I'm not huge in video.  A hundred percent honesty, I only ever wanted a GoPro to do underwater shots without breaking the bank.  That was, until I heard about this little beauty.  It is a 'action camera' that captures a full 360 degrees of it's operator.  This sounds positively awesome on paper.  And it really is in a lot of ways.  But, the cons can be some pretty hard downfalls as well.  Let me break it down.  We'll start with the pros of this little beast first off.  

The Pros:  

It's easy to mount.  The 3M styled tape involved is pretty epic.  It's strong and secure, so long as you mount it correctly.  There are various mounts so it can be placed on a lot of things.  From helmets, to shoulder pads, boards and dashes and seriously, tons of places!  Just don't be looking to remove it after you use the tape.  It also does well with a standard tripod without much in the way of adapters needed.  
Decent battery life.  I've been pretty happy with the battery life.  It's lasted a good 6-7 hours of constant use during a day of events and just behind the scene shooting.  
Recharge rate.  I was very pleased with how fast it charges!  Seriously, the recharge rate really impressed me while attending a recent convention.  
Waterproof, shockproof and freeze proof.  If you are a photographer who wants to record your adventures on land or off, this is a great factor for this camera.  The lens covers are really good at deflecting scratches and the rubber mat that surrounds the camera is a nice little shock absorber for those drops that inevitably happen.   It does well in the rain as well!  No worries of water leakage because of the overall design and all of the seals that are involved for the media/battery door.  
The amount of accessories.  I loved finding out about the accessory kit and some of the additional ones you can get for mounting to curved items and just for securing to bags and more.  The selfie stick thing was one of my daughters favorites.  She enjoyed playing with it at a showcase event she was attending with me as well as at the park.  
Accessible by phone.  This was one of those 50/50 liked aspects regarding the 360.  The things I liked about this was having the option of operating it via phone.  The app for this is easy to download and operate.  It's a nice feature to view the images and videos after taking them as well as seeing them from multiple angles.  Being able to download images and videos to my phone for ease of posting online no matter where we were is really nice.  This pretty much sums up the likes about this. 

The Cons: 

Accessible by phone.  Yeah, it's in the pros.  But seriously, this needs some major fixing.  It's hard to get the app and camera to connect.  And it's a HUGE battery killer on your phone.  Think PokemonGo sucker.  If you plan to do a lot of video or leaving it on for image taking, have a portable power source for your phone alone.  My phone died 3 times in one day.  The amount of time it takes for the camera and phone to connect is insanely long.  It took anywhere from 3-7 minutes to connect on a strong connection.  And if you enter a building that cuts signal, it will cause the phone and camera to loose connection as well.  Which, if you want to record at certain Comic Cons, expect a lot of drops and reconnect times.  
Editing is a PITA.  One of the biggest things I did not like was not being able to edit a video or adjusting it's central location as you shoot.  Same goes for knowing exactly where an image is directed when capturing images.  The even bigger pain is how much extra things you need to download in order to edit video via a computer.  
Wide view edges.  The wide view mode is nice.  But it's not seamless.  In fact, you have giant black lines from where the camera picks up the edges of the lenses when shooting with the wide angle covers.  

Overall.  This is a superb camera.  It's defiantly not meant for everyone.  But for those wanting a bit more than what the average GoPro offers, this camera can very well be what you want.  So long as you are willing to deal with the hiccups on the phone-camera connect-ability and editing, you'll find it a pretty powerful and fun camera to operate.  I hope to work with it a bit more and really find easier ways to make it work for what I want it to.  And if you find a cheat for these issues, do leave a comment so we can try them out!