Let me start by saying how awesome and how much of an opportunity it was to do this shoot. After some fancy diplomacy with Mr. Hunter, I was able to do the Dragon Age shoot at the nationally well-known McGuire's Irish Pub in Pensacola. 

This was a shoot long in the making, and McGuire's was the perfect place to recreate the look and feel of the Dragon Age games and several of the famous tavern scenes. As always, Eitanya Designs and Zombie Fishie Cosplay and their fantastic cosplays made this shoot one for the books. 

This shoot had so many unique moments and high points. The bulk of the shoot was done in the Wine Cellar. As you can see, this room looks like a tavern lifted out of a fantasy world. We also had the opportunity to get a couple of shots inside the actual wine cellar. This was a bit of a nerve-wracking moment because before we went in management informed us that there were several bottles in there with a few thousand dollar price tags on them. It should go without saying that this was a quick in and out moment, but it gave us one of the best pictures. It was during these moments the picture of Fenris was captured, and can now be appreciated in every 2016 Men vs Cosplay calendar. 

Another rather humorous point was getting to try some in-house brewed beer while we were shooting in front of the Copper. It was great talking to the brew masters while they worked. Again, it added to the atmosphere of a fantasy tavern. 

I have to say this was the coolest shoot I got to do to date. There weren't that many challenges that came up. It was just different to shoot in a functioning restaurant shortly before it opened. We actually ran into some patrons on our way out. We had to work around employees that were setting up for the day, so we had get the shots without being too intrusive. Again, I loved doing this shoot, and maybe, hopefully, can return again soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy the pictures.