I had the lovely privilege of working with Aspice Cosplay not long ago. Aspice Cosplay is an autistic cosplayer, which struck a bit of a personal cord with me as my young cousin is also autistic. I met Aspice about two years ago, but recently they reached out to me to set up a shoot of recreation styled images.

This shoot was done at Bellingrath Gardens here in Mobile. We were recreating a promotional still for the Classic Doctor Who companion character, Adric. I'm not going to lie; this shoot had some challenges. It being summer here in the south, the weather was hot and humid, so walking and working in the sun was a chore. Aspice Cosplay presented his own delightful dilemmas. Working with an autistic model meant I had to do things on his terms and change how I would normally work with models. However, we got through it, and I even had my day go from good to awesome. Aspice Cosplay gave me the biggest compliment when he said that he liked me because I get him.  So, do a jump like I did, and check out some favorites from the shoot. 

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