Bridal shoots are always interesting and present their own unique set of challenges. However, they do produce some lovely pictures from being staged as well as those happy accidents that all photographers love.

This shoot started almost a month or so beforehand with me exercising another set of skills I have: production manager. I spent a lot of time on the phone and on the computer with Lynne Cary, the owner and talent behind The Hideaway in Fairhope, making sure wardrobe was right, that we had models, what types of styles the lovely Lynne was going to do and so on. We did run into a hiccup where we had to reschedule the shoot from March to April.  But that was quickly fixed and worked around! 

There were a lot of people involved in this shoot. Wardrobe was provided by Heather's Beads and Baubles, with jewelry and accessories from Endless Treasures. One our Angels, Jessie, showed off one of her special skills by making paper flower bouquets for everyone to use. Lynne did everyones hair and make-up with her organic makeup. But it was the darling Desiree Walter and two of our Angels, Jessie and Hannah, that made up the bridal ladies.

The location was interesting and really nice. To get there, we had to drive down this lane that was lined with beautiful oak trees. You drive up to a lovely light gold house with an old oak door and bezeled glass panes. I really loved the porch. After some happy lighting accidents and some artsy styles, we took on the salon's stairs, waiting area, gardens, and the aforementioned porch.

Our Angels and Desiree had a whole lot of fun during dress up. Jessie was the target of most of the picking since she is engaged and will be getting married later in the year. Angel Hannah was left out of the cross hairs since she's Jessie's maid of honor, and I sure the phrase, "when your day comes" was uttered a few time in Hannah's direction.

As with so many other photo shoots, this one had some bumps, but being in the moment and the final product makes it all worth the effort with our fabulous team.  Take a peak both behind the scenes and at some of our amazing photos.