Today's Angel interview is with Holly Quinn. You might recognize Holly's work with Darkshi Creations from the Zombie Walk in previous years. She and her friend were the Zombie Bride and Groom that were featured in numerous publications. She's part cosplayer, part pin-up model with a love for Lolita fashion, but don't let her edgy appearance fool you. She's a classic '50s kind of gal with a modern twist.

L: How are you this fine evening?
H: I'm great! Just had a lazy night in bed watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, always a good time.

L: Haha Lazy nights for the win! Big on Always Sunny? Or have some other favorite shows too?
H: I do really love It's Always Sunny, but I have a bunch of other favorite shows: American Horror Story, Bob's Burgers, Broad City, Bates Motel, The Simpsons (pre 2001 or something haha), and Parks and Recreation.

L: Oh, lord let's not get onto AHS or Bates Motel! So , we have an idea of what you like to do in your free time. But, let's talk about you modeling. How long have you been modeling now?
H: haha! Well, I paid for my first photo shoot when I was 15, so I've been at this for four years now!

L: Really now?! We don't hear that often. So how long had you been modeling when you first worked with Lotus and Darkshi Creations?
H: I had been modeling for about 8 months when I worked with Darkshi Creations. Bet that seems like forever ago. It was a pin-up shoot, wasn't it? Yes, it was! My first ever, aw. It does seem like forever ago. I'm happy that I'm still pursuing this seriously 3+ years later. :)

L: That's a great outlook! And we love that you are still pursuing modeling as well! So, do you think your modeling has an impact on your everyday wardrobe or even vice versa?
H: Well, I guess it's more like the other way around. My clothes impact my modeling. I dress pin-up whenever I get the chance! It makes up about 90% of my wardrobe now, and I guess I've always had a love of vintage styles!

L: Hey, vintage can be a lot of fun. So, what are you looking forward to most for this year as a Darkshi Angel?
H: I think I'm mostly looking forward to taking on more challenging tasks. Collaborating with other models, doing more elaborate shoots, being more adventurous with my expressions and poses. I feel like this role can teach me a lot of important skills for my modeling career!

L: We're hearing everyone saying they are breaking out of their molds! Sounds like everyone is going to be butterflies by the end of the year. So, tell us, what do you think everyone should be on the lookout for from you and your fellow Angels this year?
H: Definitely! I think that people will be seeing a reflection of each Angel's thoughts and feelings,whether it be about a certain character or situation, or just a fantasy they're trying to emulate. Personally, that's almost always my main goal for every shoot I do. So I'd say that our audience should expect to see ultra creative work from all of us!

L: Sounds spectacular. Creativity at it's finest, we can totally get behind that. One last question for the night. What are three completely off the wall random things about you?
H: Hmmm... me and my mom own 11 cats together. I got my first tattoo at 16 (Vincent Price's signature, and funny enough, it's still my only tattoo). And I've lived in 7 states: Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Maine, Hawaii, California, and Alabama.

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