Well, another year means another Mobicon has come and gone. As with any convention that I work, it was a roller coaster. There were ups, downs, and moments of nausea that made me question life choices and why I got on the ride to begin with, but in the end it was fun.

The cosplay community was out in force this year. Since so many of those cosplayers are people I work with or am friends with, it makes Mobicon feel like a large family gathering (with all the pros and cons that come with that).

As with any con, I was constantly busy. Taking pictures of all the con goers, setting up and shooting a Marvel heroes group and Sword Art Online couple, managing the costume contest and guest, and just dealing with the general responsibilities of being a Mobicon committee member was an exhausting challenge. However, it gave me the opportunity to get wonderful shots that show the warm atmosphere of the con, and the great work so many people put into their costumes.

I could ramble on for hours of all the stories that I had, my friends had, and the mad cap adventures we had together. Instead, I'll just share these pictures and let everyone re-live those adventures or help fill in the blanks.  Sadly, I did not get as many pictures as I usually would.  But here is a brief look into the fun times.