Over this last weekend we had the chance to sit down with one of the first Angels to push Lotus into creating her Angels program.  As many know from a previous blog, this was brought to life thanks to three amazing ladies.  Jo of Eitanya Designs, Nathalie of That Girl Cosplay and Elizabeth Cather.  Today we will be meeting the lovely Elizabeth.  So let's begin shall we?!


L: Hi there Elizabeth!  
EC: Hi! 

L: So, the first question, how did you get into Modeling?
EC:  A mutual friend of mine who modeled, introduced me to Charles Howard, who pulled me into the world. 

L:  How long as that been now?
EC:  Since September 2014. 

L:  So not all that long.  Love it.  So when you aren't modeling, what are some of your favorite past times? 
EC:  I enjoy rock climbing, creating costumes, I currently work part time at Fredericks of Hollywood, and I absolutely adore to travel.

L:  Creating costumes.  Is that just for concept stuff or do you cosplay as well? 
EC:  Both; it depends on what the photographer is looking to shoot.  But sometimes I get ideas in my brain and become determined to bring them to life; an example of this is an idea I have for wings and have been toying with the concept since November of 2014.

L:  Are these the same wings that will be included for the calendar shoot this year? 
EC:  Yes, they are; I don't generate enough income to create anymore. The feathers alone will be over 300 dollars this is not including the framing structure to hold them. But I also want to create other pieces that I am toying with in my brain. I just need to make the time to turn them into reality.

L:  So mad expensive!  Real feathers I take it.  Those should be killer to see once they are finished.  So with all of these awesome ideas and such, do you find inspiration from any particular designers or artists?
EC:  Yes, real feathers, Turkey rounds and pointers to be exact. Not solely one artist; it is difficult to explain sometimes ideas just pop into my head or I tweak a concept that I have seen on google images, or comics and manga. The calendar shoot concept came directly from my brain as a tribute to the goddess Morrigan from Celtic lore.

L:  She sounds amazing.  So while on the talk of things to come.  What are you looking forward to doing while being an Angel this year?
EC:  I am looking forward to the experience of working with a group of people; I normally tend to be more introverted and I am looking to work outside my comfort zone. Also, the concepts that have been introduced to the group sound amazing and I can not wait to become a part of this epicness. I feel that by the end of the year we all will have become a big family; which would be nice. Plus there is always the networking bonus that is important in this line of work.

L:  We keep hearing about all this epicness!  What is one of the shoots you think everyone should be on the lookout for?
EC:  The God's Alive Project is probably the most major concept that is being discussed, outside of the calendar shoot, The Muse concept is also sounding fun because so many girls will be involved. The paint concept is also fun because who doesn't love playing around in paint.  I think that the group concepts are the ones that everyone should keep an eye out for; all of the Angels bring a special uniqueness to each concept.

L:  So, with all that said.  You're just stoked about the year with Darkshi Creations and the Angels.  We love it!  So one last question.  Can you give us 3 random little facts about yourself?  We like random things. ;) 
EC:  I am totally stoked! This year will be amazing! Hmmmm let's see random things.....
1. I attended a private Christian school until 3rd grade at which my parents had to remove me because I almost got expelled for getting too much trouble. 
2. I admined a porn blog with my husband for 8 months until I got bored with it.
3. I hate being in crowded spaces, it makes me nervous and uncomfortable to be around too many people.

And with our random things.  We're going to call this lovely interview done and wish the lovely Elizabeth off to a good night.  Stick around ladies and gents, as next week we will be interviewing the spectacular Jo from Eitanya Designs!