For almost a year, a single idea had been sitting in the back of my head.  A series of photos that represented the Gods and Goddesses and mythos of various pantheons.  From Greek to Egyptian to Viking to Hindu and a few others along the way.  And finally, in November the very first of this series was brought to life.  With the amazing talents of Jewel Tones Beads and some handicrafting of a custom design by Shoreas' Closet, the fabulous talented model and makeup artist Heather Smith, we brought Arachne to life.  

As of January the ideas for the next Gods and Goddesses have continued to flow.  And with the talents of Jewel Tones Beads, Shoreas' Closet, Cultured Hope, Silver Cicada Designs and Eitanya Designs we look forward to bringing to life almost two dozen more over the next year.  All of the Darkshi's Angels and Companions are bringing someone to life in a new vision.  With the amazing crew, design teams and the fantabulous models all helping in more ways then one.  This project has a chance of growing into a Temple of Pure Awesome.  So keep a look out ladies and gentlemen.  This is just the first of one heck of a ride we look forward to bringing you all on with us.