As I was catching up on posts from a couple of the photography groups I am a member of, when someone posted a great little thing.  To skip back to our very first FB profile image and share it.  As I went back to my first one I was bombarded with memories, many good, a few bad.  But all of them worth it.  

Taken November 2007 in NYC.  First image for Facebook, January 17, 2008.  

This was taken the first week I moved to NYC in 2007.  I was still job hunting and living with my friend 'Lilith' and her family in Brooklyn.  Pictured right.  She was a fellow model and gamer and at the time just an all around awesome person.  The image was taken by one of my future mentors, even if he never openly realized it, and amazing person, Ted D'Ottavio.  This was probably the first image of one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Two these two people, I love you both to this day!  Thank you for giving me that first experience that turned NYC into my heart home.